Selecting an estate agent

When selecting an estate agent you need to do your homework. It is not the “Big name” that makes the sale but the agent you select. You are the employer so ask the questions you would ask if you had to employ the person

Questions you could ask:

  • How many houses have you sold in the last six months?
  • What makes you different than the other agents?
  • Where will you be advertising?
  • Do you have references with telephone numbers?
As the seller do your homework of what sells in the area

For every seller their home is their castle and worth millions. Be realistic with your price, don’t compare your house to the overpriced house in your street that’s been standing for months. If a property stands for more than 2 months, you can know you are asking too much for your property.
Take things in consideration like politics, interests rates when deciding on your price.

Presenting your property

Buyers usually buy a home and not a monument, so when you are preparing food, keep on doing so. Show buyers this is a home.

There are a few things you can do to make your house more presentable:

  • Make sure there is not a lot of dishes at the sink
  • Beds are made up
  • A neat house will sell faster than a house with a lot of clutter
  • Get rid of bad odours
  • Put the lights on in dark corners
  • Swimming pool clear and clean
  • Get rid of doggy doo’s 
  • Make sure the potential buyer can see every room
  • Keep a rates and water and lights account handy. This is the next question the buyer will ask if interested. 
  • If you stay in a complex keep a levy statement handy.
  • Keep grass short
Marketing your property

At Property Express we do the following:

  • Advertise on P24
  • Advertise on Private Property
  • Advertise on our web site
  • Do Show houses
  • Inform our colleagues of our new stock
  • Advertise on Face Book and Instagram

Please remember that we work with the public as estate agents. A potential buyer can cancel an appointment 10 minutes before the viewing.
Be house-ready when you put your house on the market, make beds and clean the house that you can do a viewing anytime. There are no set hours.

Receiving an offer

This is Property Express’s strong point. We will guide you. It is our job to get you the best possible price. From experience your first offer is always your best offer.

Offer accepted

Once the offer is accepted, the following will happen:

  • A copy of the offer will be send to the purchaser, seller, attorneys appointed and bond originator.
  • Admin will make a note of when the bond grant will be due. The buyer has 7 days to complete the banks application and send proof of payslips and everything to the originator or personal banker.
  • Once the bond grant is approved a copy will be send to the attorneys and a Sold board will go up.

The agent brings the buyer and seller together. After bond grant the attorneys take over. You will be phoned to go and sign at the attorneys. This is a good time to ask when they expect the house to register? How much will the transfer and bond fees be. 
This is a quiet time between the agent and the buyers and sellers


This usually takes 10 – 12 days before registration. This is a good time to let your movers know a date and to talk to your agent about moving in and moving out.


Congratulations on the successful selling and buying of your house.